Tips for Proper Oral Hygiene

Keeping your kids healthy is important – including a healthy smile! As your children age and their teeth develop, it’s crucial that you help them learn proper oral hygiene. Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry has tips on how to do so!

Brush well and often

When your children are brushing their teeth, or if you are brushing for them, make sure to brush all the way to the gum line. Bacteria accumulates the most right on the cusp of the gum, leading to tooth decay. Brushing well on the tooth and at the gum line will prevent this bacteria and plaque from forming.

Don’t forget that your children’s teeth should be brushed for two minutes, two times a day. Brushing in the morning and at night before bed is best.

Floss regularly

As soon as your child has teeth touching, it’s time to start flossing. To remove food and bacterial plaque from between teeth, floss around the tooth in a “C” shape. Be sure to use a clean portion of floss with each tooth to prevent any bacteria spreading to other teeth.

Make it fun

Much like naps and baths, most kids don’t enjoy having to brush and floss their teeth every day. However, just like naps and baths, oral hygiene is important for your children’s health. If your child makes it difficult, try to make brushing and flossing fun! Grocery stores often sell toothbrushes and toothpastes with your children’s favorite cartoon or superhero characters on them, as well as fun-flavored toothpastes!

Get check-ups

In addition to daily cleaning, make sure you bring your child to their pediatric dentist in Harrisburg for a cleaning and examination twice a year. A check-up every six months makes sure your child is on the right track for a healthy smile!

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