Spring Cleaning Your Kid’s Smile

Winter is over and spring is finally here! Warmer weather, blooming flowers, and everyone’s favorite – spring cleaning. In the midst of cleaning up for the new season, Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry wants to remind you about some spring cleaning tips for your child’s teeth!

4 Tips for Healthy Spring Smile

When we fall into a routine, some tasks can be thrown to the wayside. However, when you’re spring cleaning, it’s the time to deep clean and take care of all the little things. When it comes to your children’s smile, follow these tips from your local Harrisburg pediatric dentist:

Get new toothbrushes

According to Colgate, toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months. Typically, children’s toothbrushes should be replaced more frequently due to how vigorously they brush their teeth. Take a look at your child’s toothbrush and throw it away if the bristles are frayed or falling out.

Drink more water

If your child is starting up with sports in the spring, ensure that they’re drinking mostly water. Sports drink have a lot of sugar that can build up on their teeth, leading to plaque and tooth decay. If they do have a sports drink, have them rinse with water afterward to remove sugar and dyes from the teeth.

Clean mouthguards

In addition to cutting out sports drinks, parents should also remember to clean children’s mouthguards when spring sports start up. If the mouthguard was sitting in a drawer or in a bag throughout the winter, then it’s important that it gets a thorough cleaning before it’s used again. Clean a mouth guard by brushing it with a toothbrush and toothpaste then rinsing it thoroughly with warm, soapy water. This should be done regularly.

Schedule a spring dental appointment

Don’t forget to make an appointment with Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry to get a routine check-up for your kid’s smile. Regular visits are the key to early detection for oral health issues.

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