Prevent Dental Problems Before They Begin

One of the best ways to avoid dental problems with your children is by prevention. Staying ahead of the issues will save you a lot of headaches, and your child a lot of discomfort, down the road. Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry has few tips to help you prevent dental problems before they even start.

Get up close and personal

Before you can know if anything is wrong, you have to be familiar with your child’s mouth, teeth, and gums. As a child develops, their teeth change quickly. Make sure you’re cognizant of how your child’s mouth is so you can notice when any issues may arise.

Lift their lip to examine the gumline and look for any changes at the tops or bottoms of the teeth.

Look for signs of decay. Inspect their teeth regularly to check for any spotting. Black, brown, or white spots can be an indication of an issue, as well as visible holes or pits in the teeth. If you notice any of these problems with your child’s teeth, you should bring them to a Harrisburg pediatric dentist immediately.

Stop the spread of germs

Prevent dental issues by keeping the germs at bay. Your child should not be sharing straws, utensils, cups, toothbrushes, etc. with anyone. Bacteria can easily spread from one mouth to the next, leading to dental issues and illnesses.

Make sure to practice your own healthy oral hygiene to ensure you do not spread anything to your child.

Avoid tooth decay risk factors

Stop tooth decay from happening by removing the elements that cause it. In children, some of the most common causes of tooth decay include:

  • Bottles and sippy cups
  • Sugary and starchy foods
  • Medications

Sending baby to bed with a bottle or having them drink milk or juice from a sippy cup throughout the day can greatly increase the risk of tooth decay. Baby bottle tooth decay is very common because babies spend all night with bacteria on their teeth and are unable to rinse it off.

Foods packed with sugars and starches are one of the largest reasons for tooth decay in children – and adults. These foods breed bacteria easily and have a tendency to stay on the teeth longer. Reduce the amount of sugary and starchy foods your child eats, and make sure they rinse their mouth with water after they eat them.

It has been shown that some medications can contribute to tooth decay. To prevent this in your child, make sure they are brushing twice a day and drinking plenty of water. Eat and drink foods that can help strengthen enamel like apples, cheeses, and eggs.

For more tips on preventing dental problems in your children, contact Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry.

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