Making Sense of Dental Insurance

More often than not, translating and decoding dental insurance is difficult and somewhat of a headache. No matter how difficult reading over insurance coverage may be, it’s important to your child’s dental health that you know how it applies to you and your family.

Get to know insurance terminology

One of the most overwhelming parts of understanding dental insurance are the terms used that you may not be familiar with. Before you begin to decipher your insurance plans and coverage, get acquainted with these common insurance terms:

  • Dental Insurance Benefits – The amount your insurance company is contracted to pay for services and/or procedures provided by a dentist.
  • Deductible – Total dollar amount the patient is responsible for covering before insurance begins paying benefits.
  • Preauthorization – Recommended treatment is presented to the insurance company to determine how much will be approved for coverage.
  • Co-Pay – Dollar amount the patient is responsible for at the time of services rendered.
  • In-Network/Out-of-Network – Services provided in a dental insurance policy either by a contracted or non-contracted dentist. In-network dentists are considered to be contracted and are therefore obligated to provide treatment coverage as outlined by certain guidelines.

Review the explanation of benefits

After you select your benefit package and enroll, you receive a packet of paperwork called an explanation of benefits. With an understanding of insurance terminology, read through your explanation of benefits and make a note of any areas or sections that you may have questions about.

Nowadays, a lot of questions can be answered with a quick internet search. However, if you have questions specific to your plan or situation, don’t be afraid to reach out to your insurance company. Most questions can also be answered by your Harrisburg Pediatric Dentist.

Making the most of your dental insurance benefits

Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry can explain procedures covered and requirements given by your insurance company. Benefits start over at the beginning of each year and don’t roll over. To make sure you’re maximizing your benefits, schedule appointments for your children with their pediatric dentist.

Does Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry accept your insurance?

We accept most insurance plans, including MetLife and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry can call your insurance company to gather more information about your benefits in an effort to make your job as a patient as simple as possible.

To help streamline the new patient process, send us your coverage information before your child’s scheduled appointment. Not only will this expedite the verification process, it prevents any delays that may be due to insurance issues at the time of your child’s appointment. This is just one less headache to deal with when bringing your child to a pediatric dentist in Harrisburg, NC.

By making the insurance process less of a headache, we make bringing your child to the dentist just a little easier for you. If you have questions about how your insurance works with our practice, contact us.


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