Dental Care for Teenagers in Harrisburg NC

Most of us remember our teenage years and how we cared about a lot of things – but dental hygiene wasn’t top of the list. However, Generation Z is a bit different. Teenagers today are investing more effort in their appearance, including their smiles. If you’re looking to guide your teenager with dental care tips, Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry can help.

Keeping a Daily Dental Hygiene Routine

Busy with school, extracurriculars, and friends, teenagers may have a tendency to put their oral hygiene on the back burner. Reminding your teen to brush their teeth twice a day and floss will help prevent tooth decay and cavities. If they are using mouthwash, ensure they do not use it in place of brushing or flossing, but in addition.

It’s helpful to equip your teenager with a toothbrush and toothpaste to keep with them while they’re on-the-go.  This can help them stay consistent with their dental health needs even with a busy schedule.

Protecting Teens’ Smiles in Sports

If your teen plays contact sports, they should be wearing a mouthguard. Sports accidents can lead to cracked, chipped, or even knocked-out teeth. A custom-fitted mouthguard from the pediatric dentist can help stop these injuries from happening, and can save the parents expensive dental work down the road.

Cut Out Sugary Drinks and Eat Healthy Snacks

While you may not have as much control over what your teen eats and drinks as you used to, it’s best to have healthy options for what you can control. Whether your teen is at home all day doing e-learning or is only home for dinner, make sure the food and drinks they have are healthy for their teeth.

Dental Care with Braces

If your teenager is undergoing orthodontic treatment like braces or Invisalign, their oral health will require extra attention.  They will need special toothbrushes, flossing brushes, and will have to avoid certain foods to achieve the healthy smile they’ve been waiting for.

Wisdom Teeth Erupting

The teenage years are often when wisdom teeth begin to make their presence known. Teens may start to feel them coming in. If wisdom teeth come in correctly and your teen has enough space in their mouth for them, they should not cause any issues. However, if they do not come in correctly or there is not enough space, there is a risk of infection, pain, and crowding. Wisdom teeth eruption or removal should be discussed with your teen’s pediatric dentist if they begin to notice any changes.

Regular Dental Exams

Most importantly, ensure your teenager keeps up with their routine dental exams at their pediatric dentist in Harrisburg NC. Regular cleanings and examinations will help keep their smile healthy and the dentists will be able to catch any potential issues.

For more questions about caring for your teen’s teeth, contact Harrisburg Pediatric Dentistry.

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